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Impressions of the AZK 17 from 23th November 2019

17th AZK

17th AZK: Trailer to the Event

Launched over 12 years ago by Ivo Sasek, the AZK (Anti-Censorship Coalition) has now become a mass movement. The 17th AZK conference on 23 November 2019 was a fantastic day. Live there were 3,000 guests - with live broadcasts to over 15 countries. At the speaker's desk: Eva Herman, Andreas Popp, Ivo Sasek, Ernst Wolff, Heinz Pommer, Bernd Udo Hack, Erich Hambach and Klaus Weber. All presentations and many highlights are in the final stages of processing and will soon be online. Be informed as soon as a new contribution is online: https://en.anti-zensur.info/contact-us/


  The Ground Zero model

How is it possible that two airplane crashes can pulverize three skyscrapers - and yet people are supposed to believe exactly that. The graduate physicist Heinz Pommer sharpens his audience's awareness of physical impossibilities using the Ground Zero model. It is his contribution to the liberation from a mental prison regarding 9/11. No fear of physics! The speaker promises: "Looking at things in the right scale, everything becomes quite simple."



Ignoring the people - consistently! (Second call to the remaining justice) - Ivo Sasek

In his opening speech at the 17th AZK, Ivo Sasek advocates a revolutionary form of cooperation in politics and society. At the same time he appeals for the second time to the remaining judiciary to finally live up to their responsibility and to punish crimes that have long since been discovered and proven without delay.



We need a NEW MONETARY SYSTEM - the present one is unjust

Bernd Udo Hack makes it clear in his lecture at the 17th AZK: "Our monetary system is a mass fraud, to the disadvantage of people who actually work and produce goods. In contrast, the financial capitalists let their "money work" by constantly drawing unproductive incomes and thereby exploiting the people who really are working.


 Live - behind the scenes of the 17th AZK!

What is the secret behind the anti-censorship conferences completely free of charge?

The artist Dani takes you on an exciting journey behind the scenes of the 17th AZK.

A firework of highlights across this mega event…