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5G - fifth generation  of mobile communication

 Urgent Wake-Up Call: 5G is a danger for life and limb!

In the entire history of humanity, 5G is the most serious intervention of man in nature! Due to the exponential increase

of exposure to radiation, not only is our physical integrity dramatically endangered, but 5G is also a door-opener

for the total surveillance of humanity.


16th AZK: Lecture by Anke Kern: “Digitalized into a radiant future – dead certain"

Digitalization and mobile communications are issues everyone is talking about these days. They polarize strongly.

Is this technology a blessing or a curse? Must progress prevail at last over the die-hard conservatives who would still

prefer to use the “bush drum”. Or are the progressive forces consistently hiding the hazards? In her lecture Anke Kern

gives an insight into her 15 years of research. She gives a closer look at facts that are consistently kept hidden from

the public. People need to know these facts in order to be able to deal with this technology and to draw the right



5G - Fifth Generation of Mobile Communications – 5 Reasons to oppose it

The rollout of the fifth generation of mobile mommunication, 5 G, is being pushed forward by politicians and

economic factors in Switzerland and the EU-countries. Democratic processes have been circumvented, for

example in Switzerland. In this broadcast you will learn about five crucial reasons why the new generation

of Mobile Communications has to be opposed everywhere - not just in Switzerland.



Donald Trump and Bill Gates do not want 5G radiation