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5G - fifth generation  of mobile communication

Seven rebukes – by Ivo Sasek

First Ivo Sasek takes to all the people of his kind to task - the spiritual leaders; then he reads the riot act to the ideological leaders. His rebukes change into speeches of judgement to the judiciary and politics. His reprimands end with lectures to unscrupulous pharmaceutical dictators, insidious media moguls and scientists who threaten our very existence. A long overdue sweeping blow.

WITHOUT STUDY? 5G has been extensively tested on humans!

The fact that the effects of microwaves have already been extensively researched at the highest level is completely ignored in the whole 5G debate. This applies to both physical and mental health.

5G Apocalypse - the extinction event

The 5G age is to come, or rather the "5G apocalypse". At least Sacha Stone calls it "5G apocalypse - the extermination event" in his highly alarming and stirring documentary film. 5G technology was used in the Second World War. 5G are military weapon and attack frequencies! It is the same radiation that is used in weapon systems to disperse crowds. Are we told the truth about 5G? What does 5G really do? Now watch the film in full length and form your own opinion.

 Urgent Wake-Up Call: 5G is a danger for life and limb!

In the entire history of humanity, 5G is the most serious intervention of man in nature! Due to the exponential increase

of exposure to radiation, not only is our physical integrity dramatically endangered, but 5G is also a door-opener

for the total surveillance of humanity.


 Second Urgent Wake-Up Call: 5G is a danger threat to life and limb!


Our wake-up call “5G is a danger for life and limb!” has gone viral in the social media.

This second wake-up call shows seven concrete examples with a continuously repeating pattern:

Damage by mobile communication radiation is denied categorically by the mobile communication lobby,

by politics and media, in spite of indisputable evidence base.

Apparently injuries by mobile communication radiation should not become public knowledge.


16th AZK: Lecture by Anke Kern: “Digitalized into a radiant future – dead certain"

Digitalization and mobile communications are issues everyone is talking about these days. They polarize strongly.

Is this technology a blessing or a curse? Must progress prevail at last over the die-hard conservatives who would still

prefer to use the “bush drum”. Or are the progressive forces consistently hiding the hazards? In her lecture Anke Kern

gives an insight into her 15 years of research. She gives a closer look at facts that are consistently kept hidden from

the public. People need to know these facts in order to be able to deal with this technology and to draw the right



5G - Fifth Generation of Mobile Communications – 5 Reasons to oppose it

The rollout of the fifth generation of mobile mommunication, 5 G, is being pushed forward by politicians and

economic factors in Switzerland and the EU-countries. Democratic processes have been circumvented, for

example in Switzerland. In this broadcast you will learn about five crucial reasons why the new generation

of Mobile Communications has to be opposed everywhere - not just in Switzerland.



Donald Trump and Bill Gates do not want 5G radiation


5G soon coming also from space

In addition to the construction of a 5G network on the ground, there is supposed to be a satellite based 5G

network transmitting from space. The “Starlink” project is expected to allow fast internet access to millions of people and

would consist of 11.943 satellites in total. But what do physicians, physicists and scientists have to say to it?

See for yourself ...


Time for a Debate on 5G

Ms. Edwards lives in Vienna and was an editor and trainer for intercultural writing at the United Nations from 1999 to 2017.

On 6 February 2019 she wrote exclusively for Kla.tv her call for a public debate on the 5th generation of telecommunications,

5G for short, which we now present in abbreviated form.

Urgent warning about 5G

5G – the new standard for mobile communication is revolutionary.

Swisscom wants to introduce it by the end of the year 2018.

100 times more data at 100 times higher speed – this is what is promised to the consumer.

But what about the drawbacks of this new mobile communications technique?

Here the President of Gigahertz.ch names figures and facts.

Telephone Interview with microwave specialist Barrie Trower (Part 1)

The auction of the 5G frequencies in Germany has begun. Barrie Trower, former expert for microwave weapons at the Royal Navy,

reports in a telephone interview with Klagemauer.TV about warfare with microwaves, which have been used since 1949.

Here you can see the first part of the interview. Part 2 of this Interview: www.kla.tv/14257

Telephone interview with microwave specialist Barrie Trower (Part 2)

Klagemauer.TV conducted a telephone interview with the British microwave expert Dr. Barrie Trower.

In this 2nd part he addresses the eminent threat to all life on earth from 5G microwave radiation. According to Dr. Trower,

the planned 5G Internet from space has the potential to slowly but surely destroy every kind of life on Earth. Part 1 of this Interview:


Total surveillance via 5G and Wireless Lan technology

The coalition agreement of the German federal government plans the redesign of urban life and urban infrastructure using technologies such as 5G and Wireless Lan.

Our future: “smart cities” - the sensor-paved, totally monitored, remote-controlled and commercialized city.


Does 5G mean the final knockout for the bees?

The great success in Bavaria, Germany, of the referendum "Save the bees!"

shows that the saving of the bees and nature is a big concern for many citizens.

But are the proposed legislative changes actually protecting bees and similar insects – or is this measure insufficient?

What is the real reason why populations of flying insects have declined by 75 to 80 percent since 1989?

The shaky foundation of the fathers of vaccinations (by Gerhard Wisnewski)

Almost the entire human race has been vaccinated for 200 years on the basis of three great vaccination luminaries.

Gerhard Wisnewski examines the highly acclaimed vaccination successes of these men.

His research makes the vaccinated society sit up and take notice.

Voluntarily into digital tyranny

What used to be discount stamps are now purchase points. Not only during shopping is a lot of data stored, traded and resold. This program embarks upon a voyage of discovery to find out where all of these huge amounts of data come from and what goals are to be achieved with them.

5G – Frontal attack on our ecosystem

The mobile telecommunications lobby promises unprecedented possibilities with the expansion of the 5G network - but at what price?
A Swiss young farmer reports her experiences with a much better communication system: Nature.

5G: First Satellites in Space!

Are the first 5G satellites already in space? “SpaceX” and “OneWeb” are said to have launched more than 60 satellites into orbit so far.
But that is by far not enough. In the next 10 years it is planned to install entire fleets of several thousand satellites.
Arthur Firstenberg is the initiator of the petition “International Appeal – Stop 5G on Earth and in Space”.
He explains why this could be a deliberately induced endangerment of the entirety of life on Earth.

How population reduction is made socially acceptable

A merciless power elite enforces its humanistically whitewashed population reduction and
makes it socially acceptable by means of the perfidious spoilers-of-the-people who have infiltrated politics and the media.