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Who/What is AZK

Anti-Censorship-Coalition (AZK)

More and more people are convinced that the world’s mass media are no longer trustworthy servants of the public. For this reason, a Californian university, publishes a ranking list every year of the most important reports that the American media did not publish. This list is called “censored projects” (www.projectcensored.org) and is compiled with much effort by experts and students of the Sonoma State University. Nearly a thousand reports from all over the world are examined for their importance and the attention they received from the US media. Afterwards the twenty-five most obvious examples of media censorship are published in their current yearbook.

Our society, too, has a right to uncensored reporting. The media in our countries suppress a lot of existentially important information every year as well. There is increasing evidence of this. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, they simply withhold countless publications or counter-voices from the public. No human being or government has a right to withhold such weighty counter-voices which affect the population as a whole, for we have a full right to information. To give just five examples, let us briefly list their main statements:

1 While the media’s information on bird flu panics the masses, suppressed voices of scientists claim: “For disease causing viruses there is simply no existence in biology at all ... even with diseases: one has in fact never seen or isolated a structure in the diseased organism or in a body fluid that could be described as a virus. The assertion of the existence of any disease-causing virus is a transparent fraud, a fatal lie with dramatic consequences.”

2 Besides cancer, AIDS is considered the deadliest hostage of our time. But the unthinkable is claimed by suppressed voices of top-level scientists: “-HIV is said to be a scientifically unproven phantom. -HIV is said not to cause AIDS. -The AIDS test is said to be worthless and dangerous. -The cancer drug AZT is said to promote AIDS. -Aids is said to be a metabolic disease. -The dissemination of AIDS in Africa is said to be a gigantic lie. -Healing is said to be possible. -A positive AIDS test needn't worry anyone, it is said to be worthless.” The consequence of these suppressed studies leads these scientists to a shocking assertion: “AIDS seems to be just a lucrative lie and is used, among other things, as a means to genocide”. Their appeal to the general public therefore is as follows: “We need a high-level international inquiry to find out the details on this genocide by AIDS in Africa and to identify those responsible”.

3 Because vaccinations have been part of everyday life for many decades, competent voices that warn against vaccinations are consistently suppressed and kept hidden from the public. But these voices claim to be able to prove that no vaccination can protect anyone even for five minutes. Each vaccine contains 80 to 100 different substances, most of which never appear in any public list of ingredients, remaining a ‘business secret’. 98% of them are pure nerve poisons which are harmful to organs, such as the forbidden formaldehyde, mercury compounds and many more. These censored counter-voices claim that as a result of the vaccinations every year tens of thousands of infants die of ominous infant death and that asthma, allergies, paralysis, epilepsy, diabetes, cerebral meningitis, behavioural disorders, middle ear infections, tonsil problems, immune deficiencies and much more have developed from it ever since. The nations at least have the right to a careful hearing of such specialist voices, especially since they claim to be able to substantiate all their statements with conclusive evidence.

4 Whilst climate change is increasingly becoming a means to political power and pressure, and the peoples are increasingly being controlled and financially exploited as a result, the suppressed voices of high-ranking scientists are trying in vain to make themselves heard. While the official side has so far blamed CO2 and therefore humans for global warming in the media, the censored counter-voices claim to have irrefutable evidence that only the sun and water vapor causes climate change.

5 While mankind increasingly elevates science and science journals to a kind of secular religion and theology, oppressed counter-voices try to make themselves heard, but in vain. Competent scientists claim that even in science we are virtually being bombarded, soaked and tormented with fraud. And even more: “The medical profession is said to have been bought by the pharmaceutical industry – in terms of practice, teaching and research”. In this field, too, much conclusive evidence is said to exist that more and more scientific journals are showing manipulated studies. If these counter-voices actually tell the truth, then the fact has been censored that large parts of the pharmaceutical industry have become criminal organizations which threaten the existence of entire nations.

Furthermore, an American doctor claims to have found that killer bacteria are deliberately created in scientific laboratories in order to put an end to the “threatening overpopulation” of our planet, etc., etc. Who dares to withhold such counter-voices from the general public, when almost every citizen of this world is in some way dependent on pharmacies, drugstores, doctors and therefore on the pharmaceutical industry?

Many further topics could be mentioned which are all censored by the media, suppressed partially or completely, but which affect the lives of us all. The time and the possibility of concealment is and has to come to an end now. An anti-censorship coalition seems to us to be a step in the right direction.

Anti-Censorship Coalition (AZK)

We learn from nature. Many animals, which would be weak on their own, can become respectable opponents in a group. The musk oxen, for example, are known to form defensive rings by forming a closed horn-front towards the outside. The AZK resembles such a “horn-front” because it creates united platforms for all those who are excluded from public reporting, who are censored or even deprived of their good reputation. These platforms offer uncensored publication possibilities in a network – in the form of journals, books, conferences, CDs, DVDs, radio and TV broadcasts, E-Net etc.

The right to maturity

It is time to give an educated humanity the opportunity to make mature decisions. But for mature decisions, apart from the so-called “public and broad opinion” (mainstream), platforms for uncensored and complete counter-voices are indispensable. In conferences, in anti-censorship journals, books or broadcasts, significant people who have been censored, who have been partly or completely oppressed so far, therefore raise their voices shoulder to shoulder.

A society deprived of counter-voices must know where to find connection points and addresses for uncensored, supplementary or rebutting evidence. In multi-topic conferences, broadcasts, magazines, etc., it is again made possible for the population to find competent counter-voices to prevailing opinions on the economic, political, medical, scientific, philosophical and religious level. The topics are limited to existentially important areas that affect human society as a whole. AZK is an international, non-denominational, non-partisan, free information-movement. There is no claim of infallibility. For the presented contents, each speaker individually bears responsibility, not the AZK. The AZK is not bound to any confession other than the free right to information.

Competent and qualified presentations

The Anti-Censorship Coalition (AZK) is not a “conspiracy theorist coalition”. What was only hinted at with headlines here is documented with evidence by expert speakers, competent publicists, journalists, and writers, etc.

Short summary

The goal of the Anti-Censorship Coalition is not the formation of a party, a conspiracy or the like, but merely the creation of a platform that guarantees the possibility of a free, uncensored formation of opinion, independent from the mainstream. If you are also concerned about the right to take mature decisions based on uncensored coverage, please help to work on this free and independent information network. Every human being has a right to information which contradict the general official versions.

AZK conferences are non-commercial and therefore free of charge for all visitors. No collection and donation appeals are made, and no payment slips are distributed. All speakers serve in an honorary capacity, bear their own costs, but are allowed to sell their literature, DVDs, etc. during the conferences as agreed with the conference management in advance.

The peoples have a right to voices and counter voices.

Ivo Sasek

AZK, Nord 33, CH-9428 Walzenhausen