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Dead trees and bees because of mobile communication

Dozens of picture submissions to Kla.TV show: Even before the introduction of 5G, our trees die from mobile radiation. Sunrise sends Fake News to its three million customers with the following content: "When the 5G technology unfolds its full potential, it shall become the protective force of our planet." And the most shocking thing in this show is a roasted tree in Gateshead, next to a 5G transmitter. Bees falling to the ground in front of the camera - directly between two 5G antennas. Will all our trees and bees look the same so soon? - like - spread - share!


Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine = Healthier Children

In the United States, many legislators and public health officials are busy trying to make vaccines de facto compulsory—either by removing parental/personal choice given by existing vaccine exemptions or by imposing undue quarantines and fines on those who do not comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) vaccine edicts. Here, Kristina Kristen compares vaccine policy and subsequent outcomes in the US and Japan. The differences are startling.


Whistleblower John Perkins Uncovers Secret Imperium


The financial elite have built a global empire over the past century. This is invisible to the general public, but its power far exceeds that of the USA. But how and through which institutions does this elite exercise its power?


My eye-removal appointment - how pharma and medicine work

Loisa Saseks' experienced: "I was requested by several doctors to have my left eye cut out..." After months of shocking suffering at the hands of pharma and medicine, she started researching and came across unbelievable findings. Realizing she is not the only case, Loisa has documented and filmed her experiences. Whistleblowers tell all. This documentary sheds light on the hidden side of the pharmaceutical industry with strong facts and sources of evidence. ***SHARE this video with all your friends and acquaintances.


Undercover warfare & diabolical obsession

A human being in itself potentially is good, creative, lovable. The fact that he, however, can come under diabolical possession has long been attested by medicine, psychology, religion and education. That this tragic phenomenon, however, can also manifest in whole groups of people, is yet to be understood. This documentary film touches upon devilish possessed elites who are waging a hybrid, i.e. hidden war against all of humanity. Their hybrid warfare creates more damage and demands more human lives than any conventional war ever. The film documents ten important sites of such warfare. Yet: there is a way out also from under the power of possessed elite.


How money dominates people

Rising living costs are forcing many people to take out loans. These are quickly granted. But few people see through the cleverly contrived game of interest and compound interest. The winners are always the big banks, which make a lot of money with loans that are not backed by money or gold. Albert Einstein said: “He who understands it, earns it - he who doesn’t pays it.” That there is another way is proven by “the miracle of Wörgl”.

CO2 debate – a distraction from weather manipulation by the military


Official authorities continuously blame climate change to be the source for increasing weather chaos due to rising CO2 values. Critical voices are categorically and undifferentiatedly being branded as climate deniers. But is CO2 really mainly responsible for weather disasters such as droughts and floods? Kla.tv embarks on an interesting search for clues in the archives of radio and television.


Mobile Communication - the hidden danger 

This documentary brings to the light: ...how “legal thresholds” deceive the peoples ...how dramatically our health

is being threatened ...how dangers are purposefully being kept undercover... The dangers of

electromagnetic radiation are far greater than we think. A Documentary by Klaus Weber


  Forced Sex

This documentaryshows to which dramatic dimensions pornography and forced sex have grown,

bringing shocking facts...



5G - Fifth Generation of Mobile Communication – 5 Reasons to oppose it

The rollout of the fifth generation of mobile mommunication, 5 G, is being pushed forward by politicians and

economic factors in Switzerland and the EU-countries. Democratic processes have been circumvented, for

example in Switzerland. In this broadcast you will learn about five crucial reasons why the new generation

of Mobile Communications has to be opposed everywhere - not just in Switzerland.